Åre kite – because we love to kite on the mountain

Åre Kite grew out of the desire to share the best we know on the mountain – to be able to get around with the help of the wind and a kite, and to be able to have fun where no one else can ski. The feeling of playing around on a plateau in decimeter-deep powder along with other kiters is almost unbeatable.

And when the evening comes, head towards the cottage, parking lot or tent to get warm again and maybe take a sauna, take off the sweaty clothes and feel throughout your body that you have experienced something special.

We want to share this passion for snowkiting through our kite courses on water and snow, and our IKO certified instructors will make sure that you get an unforgettable experience, whether it’s a basic course in kite or if we’re taking a hefty ride out into the open.


Welcome out in the light!

Jonas Höglund, IKO instructor, kiter and owner

Boka ditt nästa äventyr nu

We promise an amazing experience in Åre or the surrounding mountains!


Kite courses and safety

Whether you’re taking a snowkite course or a course on water, we always take your safety very seriously. Therefore, all our instructors are licensed by IKO and we always start from scratch. Kite is an extreme sport, and accidents with different serious outcomes happen all the time, but by teaching with methods based on safety first, you as a student can also learn to kite in a safe and responsible way. 

Our different kitespots

We snow kiters constantly have to adjust to wind and weather and also the snow situation. Therefore, we cannot say in advance where we will kite but we will try to find the place that is best for the day.

Beginner spots

We mostly use Åresjön for beginner courses because it is easy accessible and has large open surfaces without obstacles. The other places in Åre that we have beginner courses on are above the lifts on Rödkullen and Ullådalen, as well as in Ullådalen about 20 minutes hiking after the ski trail from the parking lot. If the wind conditions in Åre are less favorable or if we need to seek out more snow then we may have to go to Ånnsjön or Storlien. The transfer time to these spots is not included in the course time but is our treat.

Spots for the more experienced

If you want a guided tour, there are several different places for kite adventures, among those we like best are Storlien, Storulvån, Ullådalen, Renfjället and Skäckerfjällen. Where we go depends on your wishes and ideas and where we think we get the best conditions for snow kite based on winds and snow situation.

Collaborations and partners

Since we can’t do everything and we also don’t want to do it, we work with different companies in Åre and in other locations around Sweden.

Partners in Åre

Rent-a-garments – rent out top tour equipment, clothes and camping equipment Åre Sweden – destination company with program for the whole of Åredalen Adventure with Jonas – our sister company that runs guiding, coaching and photography in Åre

Partners in Sweden

Stockholm Kiteboardcenter – for kite courses in Stockholm Kiteboardcenter webshop – here you can shop most things within kite, our course participants receive a discount code when paying for your course with ÅreKite Kite.se – kiteskola and shop in Malmö, our partner in Skåne Airush – our kites are mostly from Airush kiteboarding
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