On days when the forecast shows good wind from east or west in the area around Storulvån, it is good to try to go Storulvån-Sylarna. So me and my friends Adrien and Baptiste (both French) on this day in March.

After a 20-minute walk on skis, we reached the tree line after the ski trail towards Sylarna. This is where we rigged our kits. Adrien had an Airush Progression 8m and I a brand new North Orbit 8m. Baptiste hit an older Cabrinha 7m. It was quite windy and the forecast was not quite right but it was almost straight southerly wind which means you have to cruise all the way to Sylarna. The wind speed was 10-15 m/s. Normal in such strong winds on the mountain.

After a bit of tangle with ropes, we got away and it was fun to test the Orbit and what it was made of. It is a fantastic kite that delivers a lot of height as soon as you pull the boom and it took some time to get used to the pupa.

So after feeling the kits a little, we decided to head for the Syl massif. As expected, the wind became more and more difficult the closer we got to Sylarna as it blows directly over the massif in a southerly direction. So after 2 hours and 1.5 km below Sylarna we decided to turn around as the clock was long after lunch and we were all hungry.

On the way home it was much faster as it was just to pull in the boom and go under the kits at 50 km/h. But we found some fun drives to play in despite the hard and windswept snow (see videos at the bottom).

At Spåjme, the emergency cabin between Storulvån and Sylarna we stopped and had lunch after securing the kits in an ice axe and with skis.

After lunch it was off home and both Adrien and I managed to kit all the way back to Storulvån station, something I had not been able to do before.

A fantastic day with friends when I have had to do what I love most, snowkita in the mountains. Thanks!

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