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Collected weather links and how I think about kite forecasts in Åre and how the weather and forecasts affect the safety of the mountain. In addition, I have posted links to the current weather for those who are already in place and want to know what the reality looks like. Feel free to ask questions and what I think about the possibilities of kiting in and around Åre.

The page is under construction and more detailed information will be available shortly.



I normally get the main information about the weather and winds from SMHI, which I experience usually shows right. Keep in mind, however, that the location referred to by SMHI is unclear and that in a mountain environment there can be very different winds depending on the location and altitude above sea level.


In addition to SMHI, I use Windy as my main app to see air currents over time and to be able to see wind at different altitudes. By using the slider that shows “Ground” and dragging it to 900 meters, I know what the air currents look like about where the bare mountain begins.

Weather stations

Draklanda – Holfuy

Åre Screen and Dragon Flying Club (ÅSDFK) has an Hmätare that they put on the clubhouse at Draklanda in the summer. It sits a little in the lee so expect it to show 2-4 m/s too little compared to the middle of the lake, but at least it gives a good indication of direction and strength. Wind gauge Draklanda – ÅSDFK –


ÅSDFK also has a meter at Hummelstugan, at Hummelliften mountain station. It is in the lee when there is too much north and even in north-easterly and southerly winds it can show large variations in medium and village winds, larger than one would expect on the lake. But in an easterly and westerly direction, it shows good values for those who want to go up the mountain. If you want to kit on the lake, it often shows about 5 m/s more than it is on the lake. Wind gauge at Hummeln –


Skistar’s detailed weather information is difficult to find on their website. Unfortunately, it does not show wind direction, but with the help of the other stations you can build up an idea of wind at different altitudes. Skistar’s app and website only show forecasts, but this link shows the real values. Skistar –

More info will be available shortly, here are temporary links collected

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