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ÅreKite is your kite school in Åre! Choose from different kite courses below or contact us for other options!

ÅreKite has kite courses in Åre and Årefjällen during the winter and in the rest of Sweden in the summer. If you are looking for a kite school for kitesurfing, snowkite, or want guided kite excursions, kitecamps, kite training or kite rental then you have ended up in the right place!

Learn how to snowkite Half-day

5 hours 2 400 SEK

We’ll teach you snowkiting in our amazing mountains. During the kite course you will learn about the equipment, kite safet and how to start and fly the kite. Maybe we can even take a little ride on the mountain together, regardless you will have a good foundation for continued training on your own.

Learn how to snowkite Full-day

8 hours 2 900 SEK

If you want to be sure to learn how to kite on snow, a full day is suitable. You will learn the basics and we can almost guarantee that at the end of the day you can tick the kits and handle equipment and kite safely.

Master-course in snowkite

3 days 4 500 SEK

If you really want to get started with the kiting and have a week but can a little different times, we book 3 half-days a 4 hours that fit your schedule. You can also come back at different times during the season to finish the course.

Our kite courses


Our kite courses are always led by IKO certified instructors. This means that we teach safety and technicians according to international standards and that you can easily proceed with another school connected to IKO. More about IKO – opens in new window


We use equipment from mainly Airush and mostly tube kites to enable you to go from snow to water, and because there is less tangles with tube kites during training. 

ÅreKite provides all kite equipment during the course and also accounts for any damage that occurs on the equipment during normal use. Should the student, negligently, damage the equipment by negligence, the student may be liable for compensation.

Number of students

We apply IKOs rules and have only one kite in the air per instructor. But if you were to get so far you can practice on your own during the course then you can do it. Normally we have a maximum of two participants per instructor, but if you want to be more people you may, but the training will not be as effective. At an extra cost you can book individual lessons, otherwise we will try to book another participant for the course time.

Own equipment

As a student you should bring your own helmet as well as ski or snowboard equipment. Also be sure to dress extra warm with the opportunity to take off layers if it were to get too hot. ÅreKite is not responsible for your personal equipment.

Physical fitness and illness

It doesn’t take any special physical condition to snowkite, but sometimes we may have to hike in snow a few hundred meters to get to where we’re going to kite. If you have any illness or injury, such as diabetes, which can affect you during the course, please notify your instructor before starting the course. We take your personal safety very seriously.

Coffee /snacks

Feel free to bring your own snacks /coffee depending on the length of the course. We will contact you before to agree on the location and if there may be a restaurant nearby. We always have hot drinks out on the mountain.

Buying equipment

When booking a course with us, you will receive a discount code at our partner Stockholm Kiteboardcenter, which provides 15% on the following two kite packages in their store. The links go to Kiteboardcenter’s store



You can also buy some equipment, used and new, directly in place after completing course.

Kite courses in other places than Åre

Join our kite camps

During the summers 2017-2019 ÅreKite arranged kitecamps on Gotland and in Skåne, the program for 2020 is not ready yet. We are also planning a trip to Hardangervidda in spring 2020, more information will soon be on the website.

Courses in Stockholm and Malmö

If you want to take a course in places other than Åre, we recommend our professional kite instructors at Stockholm Kiteboardcenter and in Malmö. They also have a wide range of kite equipment for sale.

Stockholm Kiteboardcenter

Malmö –