Snowkiting Adventures

One of our favourite pastimes is kite touring combined with winter camping. We head out with a sled packed with kites, tents and provisions (indoor sleeping options are of course also available). We then kite if the wind allows and otherwise tour up the closest peak. When darkness falls we retreat back to the tent, hut or cabin to hang out. Its an unforgettable experience.

Some of our favourite destinations are Storulvån, Storlien and Skäckerfjällen. You can choose between sleeping in a tent or one of the cozy mountain stations run by the Swedish Tourist Association (STF).

The package includes kite equipment rentals, meals (vegan), coffee and tea, winter camping equipment or accommodations in a hut or hostel. For your own safety we maintain a ratio of two guests per guide.

We can also provide airport transfer (from Åre Östersund Airport) for 500 SEK per journey.

If you got questions or want to make a reservation call +46 76-051 06 06 or email

Storulvån; the comfort option

two nights at a STF mountain station. 

If you value comfort you’’ll love staying at the mountain station in Storulvån. Don’t be fooled by the comfort level though; its still right in the middle of some of the best ski-touring and snowkiting terrain in Sweden. Depending on the forecast we can either kite to one of the other stations or do day outings in the surrounding mountains.

Additional options are a three course dinner and transport to the other mountain stations.

2 Nights 3 Days.
SEK 11 000 per group (1-2 persons).
Additional days 
SEK 4 500 per day.

Kite expedition – two nights in a tent on Renfjället.

This intermediate option consists of getting towed by snow-mobile up onto the Renfjället mountain which is opposite Åre. We establish a base camp above the tree line, and foray into mountainside and plateaus which offer excellent snow kiting.

A fun extra is to take a detour to the café Vita Renen to enjoy the Swedish tradition of “fika” – coffee, pastries and conversation.

2 Nights 3 Days.
SEK 10 000 per group (1-2 persons).
Additional days 
SEK 3 500 per day.



Kite expedition – two nights in Skäckerfjällen.

This is the perfect package for anyone who wants to trek into a truly remote and beautiful location.

We travel by car to Skäckerfjällen which is located in northern Jämtland; right on the Norwegian border. After just a few kilometers of forest we reach the tree line and its possible to start kiting into the massif, which offers a magical playground for snowkiting, with plateaus, rolling hills and features. With a bit of luck you can kite almost all the way back to the car.

2 Nights 3 Days.
SEK 9 000 per group (1-2 persons)
Additional days 
SEK 3 500 per day.


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