Kitespots in Åre Winter

Kite-spots for snowkite in Åre

Here we have tried to collect various kite-spots that are suitable. Remember safety and do not venture out on the mountain without sufficient knowledge, equipment or company.

Also read our weather and wind page and learn how to read forecasts for a safer kiting.

Please let us know if you have any questions about where we think it is best in the coming days. Maybe you'll get company on the mountain!  

Lake Åresjön – wind directions OST and WEST

Lake Åresjön is the obvious spot for beginners. Here you have plenty of space and the chance to get help from other kitare is at its greatest here. 


Look at the forecast so that the wind is mainly easterly or westerly. SMHI usually sounds good but if there is a little wind (3-5 m/ s) it can mean windless on the lake.

At high pressure in the middle of winter, the wind on the lake and on the mountain can be completely different, due to inversion, Windy usually gives the best guidance.

If you live in the village, it is easy to see how the wind is on the heating plant on the other side of the lake. 

Parking and starting points

Most wind can probably be found outside the Holiday Club. If it's too messy or busty there, you can try Draklanda below VM8 or east yamaha-center in Björnänge. Always launch out on the ice when it is messy closest country.

What to consider – dangers

Outside the dwindler, a cross-country ski run is usually drawn up. Show respect and don't cross the track.On the south side of the lake, towards Renfjället, there is a snowmobile trail that has feeding from Yamaha-Center and Holiday Club.

The ice can sometimes become weak outside the Treatment Plant in Björnänge, below the stream at Draklanda, at Susabäcken at the Holiday Club and at åresjöns inlet. Keep track of the ice situation and where these outlets are before you go out on the lake.

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