Snowkite inspiration

Inspiration and instructional films

Here are some Youtube clips, both self-produced and by others to inspire more kiting in the mountains. At the bottom you will find instructional videos that may be helpful to watch before the course.

History of kite sport

A fun film about how kitesurfing started and developed early on.

Great movies


Self-produced films

Åre-related films

Instructional videos

Here are some instructional videos that I think are good for: clip 1 is for snowkiting, clip 2 is for understanding kite safety and works for both snow and water kiting, the remaining films are about water practice.

You can also find all the videos in my playlist on youtube via the link here – LINK TO PLAYLIST ON YOUTUBE

Below you will also find videos from accidents and how they can be avoided – JUMP THERE

Kite accidents and ways to avoid them

Here are some films about kite accidents that also describe why they occur and how they could have been avoided.


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